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Boost your reputation as a leading company within your region and build your network at the awards ceremony. Choose a category which supports your marketing objectives and share your strengths with your business community.
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Entering regional awards provides an opportunity to meet potential suppliers, partners and customers. See more reasons to enter here:


Can I enter regional awards if my company is national / international?

Regional awards are often open to any company which is headquartered in the region, even if the company has a national presence. And on occasion you may be eligible if you have offices and a strong presence in the area yet your HQ is located in a different region so it is also important to check with the organiser.

Similarly, the boundaries of a region may not be as clear cut as you first assume with some regional awards. If an award programme is linked to a regional publication, eligibility can be based on the circulation area of the publication which can span more than one county.


Is it easier to win regional awards than national?

Regional business awards are hotly contested as there are often opportunities to receive publicity in regional publications, attracting hundreds of companies all competing for the same titles.

In some cases regional awards receive higher numbers of entries than national awards as they are so well-known within the region. It is vital to take the time to write a strong submission and never underestimate your competition.


Will advertising in my regional publication improve my chance of awards success?

There are lots of myths surrounding this common misconception. As award experts our clients often ask whether judges will be biased towards companies which advertise in their regional papers if the awards programme is linked to these publications.

It is important to remember that oftentimes the awards and editorial teams are completely removed from their advertising colleagues and therefore are not aware of those companies who pay for advertising.

Also, the awards process can include external judges so the process is as non-bias as possible.


What should I do if I don’t win?

What makes regional awards so desirable is how difficult it can be to win – if wining was easy the accolade would lose credibility.

If you are pipped to the post one year, don’t be disheartened. Use the experience to reflect on areas in your business you could improve upon for the next year.

Many of our clients gain awards success after the second or third time of trying.


Key awards for Norfolk businesses:

If you have a story you would love to share and are looking to build your network, regional awards could be the answer. Based in Norwich, some of the key regional awards on our radar include:

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