Award Submissions

Each award entry you submit requires careful consideration to ensure content meets the criteria and stands out to the judges:


Award Writing Package

Having judged award entries for national award programmes, our team of writers know how important it is to ensure your strengths stand out and leave a positive lasting impression through compelling copy. We pride ourselves on taking time to understand your business with a fresh perspective before writing concise copy to showcase your achievements. This includes:

– 1 hour face-to-face meeting or Skype call to get to know your business and assess how you meet the criteria

– Compelling copy written to evidence how you meet the criteria

– One re-edit of the copy based on your feedback

– Advice on your supporting information.


Supporting Information Package

Backing up your claims is a key ingredient in awards success which is why many providers allow you the opportunity to submit supporting information. With so much to shout about it can be difficult to decide which key statistics, testimonials and materials you should include. We help by:

-Selecting the most significant information

-Presenting information in an eye-catching presentation or pdf.


To find out more, request our packages here or call Kelly on 01603 219191 for a bespoke quote.



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What Our Clients Say

"Manifest Software Solutions is a technical software provider and conveying what we do to a judging panel, in a language which got us shortlisted for one of our sectors most prestigious awards, was all down to Reflection PR. We couldn’t have done it without them. Fingers crossed on the night!"

Dave Carr, director at Manifest Software Solutions (Housing Innovation Awards 2017 finalists)

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For more information, call us on 01603 219191
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