Strategic Planning

Winning awards begins with entering the right awards for your business and ensuring your strengths are clear for all to see:


Awards Calendar Package

Our bespoke award calendars will identify the most credible and relevant awards for your organisation, increasing your chance of success by selecting categories which highlight your strengths. Including up to 10 award recommendations, you can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned.

Our bespoke calendars include:

 – Up to 10 business award recommendations

– A summary of the awards programme, it’s credibility and history

– The most relevant categories to enter

– Previous winners of these categories

– Estimated deadline for submissions

 – Estimated ceremony dates.

This useful tool maps out opportunities across the year, informing your marketing strategy.


Awards Strategy Package

Often companies need to convey different messages to a variety of audiences – we work with you to create an awards strategy ensuring your submissions are targeted towards your audiences and recognise all departments within your business.

With our awards strategy package, we will use our experience to advise on how to create clear messaging though awards. This flexible package includes:

 – An awards calendar containing up to 10 business award recommendations

 – Three award submissions written from scratch

– Continuous support throughout the year, tracking deadlines and your progress.

We will support you throughout the year putting together a calendar of award opportunities and writing submissions for three awards.


PR Campaigns

Award judges will likely do their own research if they are impressed with your written entry. To ensure they like what they find, our team of PR experts will build a supporting PR campaign prior to the submission date to add credibility to your claims and ensure your business is in the best shape to win the award.

We paint a strong picture for the judges by:

– Writing blog posts and web content to support your messaging

– Writing and distributing a press release, celebrating your achievements

– Managing your social media to engage with your audience.

Talk to us about how we can build a reputation for your organisation that supports the award criteria.


To find out more, request our packages here or call Kelly on 01603 219191 for a bespoke quote.

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"Reflection PR has a super team. They have worked with us for two years and helped with a number of projects. In particular their work on email campaigns really set a new tone for our customers. We saw the upturn in traffic to our website we were looking for."

Neil Skehel, CEO, Awards International Ltd.

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